The 7th Annual conference of the Serbian Logistics Association was held on November 6th 2018 in luxury Hotel Hyat Regency in Belgrade. The 7th Annual Conference of the Serbian Logistics Association is different from the previous ones in that it met the requirements for more participants and exhibit venues as well as larger ones interaction between lecturers and attendees, and in addition to changing the venue (held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel), another hall was booked, which was reserved for B2B meetings, additional speaker questions and mini presentations by conference sponsors. This year, the Best Logistics Project award – now a traditional, prestigious award from the Serbian Logistics Association – was awarded to Delhaize Serbia as a beneficiary and Spica Center as an implementer of the award-winning logistics solution.
The organizers of the conference again confirmed their readiness to preserve the greatest values of this set of logistics professionals: increasing the number of visitors, diversifying the field of exhibitors, exchanging experience and information, then, having positive energy, making new contacts and finding practical solutions to problems that arise in practice. This year’s organizational step forward was a change of location and, consequently, an increase in capacity, and for the next year the organizers announce even bigger changes – the organization of the largest regional gathering, at the moment, still a secret location, but what they have indicated is that the event will be increased by 100%. Meetings such as the annual SLA conference must bring new information and experiences to the participants, as this enriches the practice and gives impetus to faster development in this highly innovative sector, which creates new jobs and encourages economic growth as a service. Such gatherings are held in all developed countries and by comparing the programs of SLA conferences and leading gatherings in the world, it can be concluded that SLA meetings are at the highest level. SLA2018 lecture was started by Cycle CEO Aleksandar Jovanovic. Transport Manager (IS for controlling international and domestic transport management, Cycle CD (IS for customs documents preparation and electronic submission to Customs Administration), MIS (IS for management of logistics company – ERP System) are distinguished as finished software solutions of this company, and they design and client-specific software solutions. Renowned Austrian consulting firm LNConsult presented to this year’s SLA participants a presentation on “Warehouse 4.0 today´s challenge, tomorrow´s solution”, in which Marko Pletersek, Head of Operations LNC, answered the question of how to design a modern warehouse that will be able to to respond to the challenges of Logistics 4.0 Vladimir Jovic, Supply Chain CEO of Univerexport, shared with the attendees the impressions of the cooperation with LNConsult that was achieved during the last year, when implementing the project of construction of the largest distribution center in the region. STAMH’s regional representative, Bojan Cuk, went one step further than usual in his presentation of the company he represents. In order to get an answer to a question that equals the chosen topic – “How to choose the right storage system”. By implementing the given data into the software developed by this company, the interested people at the company booth were able to get a precise answer within minutes. Miroslav Ristic, Sales Manager, spoke in front of the Hörmann Group, speaking on the subject of “Fast doors for faster flow of people and forklifts in logistics centers”. The Hörmann Group is an international, ongoing development company operating in the construction industry outside Europe. The 24 specialized factories produce garage and home doors, frames and motors for the markets of Europe, North America and Asia. With more than 6,000 employees in the company, which is 100% owned by the Hörmann family, the turnover exceeds one billion euros. The Hörmann range consists of: garage doors, boiling garage doors and common garage doors, roll-up doors, fast doors, then, industrial doors, front doors, sliding doors, as well as door motors, segment doors, cargo handling, steel shocks, then, motors for gates, door harmonics, home doors, interior doors, fire doors and roll bars. The first block of lectures was completed by the Hörmann Group lecture, moderated by prof. Dr. Milosav Georgijevic, President of the Serbian Logistics Association. The second block of lectures to follow after breakfast and a coffee break was moderated by prof. dr. Đurđica Stojanović, associate professor at the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad. One of the world’s leading logistics companies, Kuehne + Nagel, which employs approximately 79,000 people in approximately 1,300 locations in over 100 countries, opened the 2nd part of the SLA Annual Conference with its lecture. The company’s strong market position lies in providing services in the fields of aviation, maritime and road transport as well as in the area of contract logistics, with a clear focus on high value added segments such as IT-based integrated logistics solutions. Kuehne + Nagel represented Achim Glass, Senior Vice President – Head of Global Automotive Vertical Kuehne + Nagel Management AG, who spoke on “Industry 4.0 at Kuehne + Nagel” and clarified the importance of applying technological innovations to improve the flow of resources. After Kuehne + Nagel, innovation in the transport field was introduced by another logistics giant. Gebrüder Weiss boasts a history of more than half a millennium. A legacy that at the same time commits to farsightedness, caution and ability, constant development in line with world trends. Starting from our domestic markets, the Alpine-Danube region and Eastern Europe, Gebrüder Weiss today transports all kinds of goods by land, sea or air, from each and every continent. Gebrüder Weiss introduced Thomas Mayr, Head of Corporate Key Account Management, with an exceptional interactive lecture involving a large number of participants. The third lecture in the second block, was held by a representative of the largest regional logistics provider. NELT Co. is a company that provides superior services in the field of distribution, logistics and marketing, and demonstrates maximum efficiency and effectiveness in business. NELT’s partners are large domestic and international companies whose many years of multinational experience and knowledge, combined with their energy, flexibility and creativity, brings growth and success year after year. Ivan Todic, an assistant in the logistics sector, spoke about Eco Drive, that is, implementation and experience. Milos Vojinovic, CEO of Mobile Solutions introduced the participants to MobTrack: 24 tools for route optimization and territory design. Demonstration of a Territorial Design and Route Optimization system for the delivery and / or collection of goods or for businessmen. The division of the territory into zones is done in such a way that a minimum distance traveled is made for the tour of the terrain, and that all areas have a similar number of locations, the volume or turnover of work with customers, etc. The route optimization system takes into account various types of constraints (vehicle type and capacity, delivery time, driving time, driving length, driver’s ability, affiliation to the region, etc.) and allows significant savings in time and money (fewer vehicles, smaller distance traveled) . The young, highly innovative Dutch company Simply deliver, and its founder Osman Akdemir, in collaboration with regional representative Adi Karamehmedovic, answered the question that has often remained unanswered so far – Could the last kilometer be easier, that last mile is often the most challenging in the entire supply chain. The succinct essence of the lecture is how the last kilometer should not be a lost kilometer, and how Simply Deliver can help simplify the achievement of this goal. Stefan Fijala, in front of LTC doo, opened the third block of lectures, which was a real treat for all lovers of software innovation. LTC’s theme was “LogiMIND Digital Post Sales – Strategic Advantage and Savings in Intralogistics.” LogiMIND is a unique blend of complex processes implemented through advanced software architecture, which makes it unique in the market for software solutions in the field of control, planning and organization of after-sales activities in the segment of work machines / forklifts. The second lecture of the last block was delivered by Živan Savić, CEO of Veridix. Speaking on the topic of “Service Driven Supply Chain”, he said: “The traditional supply chain was primarily influenced by production plans and capacities. In recent decades, consumer demand has started to have a significant impact, and its forecasting and modeling has become an important input parameter for production and supply chain planning. Effective and profitable business needs a little more… ”Veridix is a company specializing in professional business solutions for planning, optimizing and automating business processes in the supply chain. The solutions are based on modern technologies (artificial intelligence, Auto ID technologies, wireless communications) that can be applied according to the capabilities and needs of users. Zebra Technologies introduced Stephan Pottel, Sales Engagement Manager at T&L DACH bei Zebra Technologies this year, speaking on “Smart Logistics with Zebra”, in which he presented innovative transportation and logistics solutions and demonstrated how customers can improve their business through Zebra solutions. Zebra technologies is a company that has been providing state-of-the-art technology solutions to the world market for every 50 years. Through its broadband portfolio of hardware, software and services, Zebra technologies enables its customers to analyze, monitor and improve their business in the best possible way. Albatech is the next to present at the SLA 2018 conference with a lecture by Nebojša Brković on the topic of Mobility edge platform: transforming business mobility. Albatech was founded in 1990 under the name “ID Systems”. Since its founding, they have opted for a single segment in a wide range of topics within the field of IT (Information Technology). After more than 25 years of founding, Albatech is one of our leading companies in the application of Bar Code technologies. From the very beginning of the work in this field, we have established business cooperation with the company Intermec Technologies (USA), the founder of this technology and the creator of the most popular symbology (code 39). In this way, it was possible to transfer the latest solutions in the field of application of bar code, as well as to install the most modern equipment in various segments of the economy in our country. Good cooperation with Intermec has enabled Alba to access the latest automatic identification technology – RFID technology, which is complementary to Bar Code technology. The lecture closing the 7th Annual SLA Conference 2018, was delivered by the Director of the Spica Center, Darko Korac, speaking on the topic “Trends and optimization of logistics processes”. The overall title of the lecture is and has left enough room for the speaker to share his decades of experience with hundreds of conference attendees. At the end of the 7th Annual SLA Conference, followed by the selection of the BEST LOGISTICS PROJECT OF THE YEAR, and the award ceremony, which this year went into the hands of Delhaize Serbia as a beneficiary and Spica Center as the implementer of the award-winning logistics solution. officially the “curtain lowered” to this event.