9th Annual Conference of Logistics & Transport and the 3rd LogExpo International Logistics Fair were held on November 9th 2021 in the luxury Crowne Plaza Hotel in Belgrade.

More than 400 leading logistics experts from all over the region participated in the conference, while dozens of exhibitors presented their solutions to improve logistics processes at the 3rd International Logistics Fair – LogExpo.

After the welcome coffee, the conference day began with the grand opening of the president of the association Sanja Bojić and the director of marketing Branka Patić Macan, who greeted the participants and directed them to the day ahead. The first thematic lecture was given by Jovan Dobrić, Business Developer at CTP Invest, in which he introduced the participants to the importance of green industrial facilities and their energy efficiency, emphasizing everything that CTP Invest strives for in order to protect the environment. In support of that, and when asked by the audience, he said that this company in the Czech Republic bought dozens of hectares of forests, in order to restore and preserve them for future generations.

The next lecture answered the burning question – especially during the pandemic – How to get a highly functional distribution center? Peter Eckart from the Austrian company LNConsult answered this question by presenting the new semi-automated distribution center of the company Savacoop, which was completed and put into operation in 2020. The exceptionality of this distribution center was accidentally confirmed by the participants, who, while watching a promotional film from the Savacoop distribution center, thought that it was a distribution center in America or more developed countries of Western Europe.

The third lecturer who spoke in front of all students of the IX Annual Conference on Logistics & Transport was Srdjan Banovic, Director of Development and Sales of Transfera. “Development of logistics parks in support of industrial growth” was his topic, but he began his presentation with history – which made this lecture even more interesting, because some were reminded, and some learned, how the concept developed, but also logistics and where were the first industrial parks. Returning to the present day, he concluded by presenting the exceptional distribution center of the company Transfera.

Considering that last year, due to the pandemic, the conference was postponed for this year, this year two annual awards were presented for the Top Logistics Project of the Year – for 2020 and 2021. For 2020, this prestigious recognition was taken by the companies we have already talked about – LNConsult ans Savacoop for the project Planning, design and support in the implementation of the semi-automated distribution center of Savacoop doo.

This year’s laureates are companies that are special in many ways – Trasing doo, as an implementer and the company M&M Militzer & Münch Transport & Logistics d.o.o. Trasing is the first company to boast of being a two-time winner of this prestigious award (in 2017 they won this award for a project at Dexpress), and M&M Militzer & Münch is a company that has managed to becomes a significant logistics “player” in the market “match” of logistics and that by automating M&M’s new distribution center it deserves the award for the Top Logistics Project of the year.

The introductory session concluded Vojin Ćetković, glumac – specijalni gost kompanije Trasing with a presentation by a special guest of the award-winning company Trasing, which, until it appeared in the largest conference hall of the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Belgrade, was a secret for all participants. The famous Serbian actor – Vojin Ćetković – spoke the text (speech) of Albert Camille “On the Crisis of Humanity”, which the famous writer spoke in 1946 at Columbia University (USA). In the preparation of this program, the speech was translated from English, because the Serbian translation did not exist, so this was an exceptional opportunity for everyone who has not been acquainted with it so far. Although, at the beginning of the famous actor’s address, it was not clear whether he was speaking on his own behalf or a role, because the similarities with the actions, opinions and behavior of people in the post-war period and today are astonishing, at the end of the presentation with works and all called for us to be a little more human.

After the introductory session, the awards ceremony and the speech of the actor Vojin Ćetković, who makes you think, all participants refreshed themselves at breakfast with which they visited all the exhibition stands at the III International Logistics Fair LogExpo – held in front of conference halls. After mutual meetings and friendly-business conversations during the break, the participants continued their conference day in smaller halls that were designated for thematic sessions. This year’s novelty is, in addition to the sessions Intralogistics and Road Transport, which were already part of the annual conferences, a session dedicated to Ports and Terminals (Intermodal Transport). The interest in this session was extremely high, since other such events do not exist in the region, and that this logistics branch had too few opportunities to network and encourage cooperation.


Within this session, eminent speakers gave their lectures on extremely attractive topics, which we present in the rows below.
• “The state of cargo transshipment in ports in Serbia and development plans” – Srđa Lješević, Port Management Agency
• Rijeka – Serbia’s exit to the Adriatic – Emmanuel Papagiannakis, Adriatic Gate Container Terminal
• DP World Novi Sad – Existing capacities and development potentials – George Claudiu Negreanu, DP World Novi Sad
• “How intermodal transport can become a desirable transport solution for users and help create more resilient supply chains. The Nelt Intermodal Terminal Case ”- Ivan Milićević, Nelt Co.
• “COSCO Shipping Land-Sea Express Service” – Vladimir Lekić, Dragon Maritime SEE, as an agent of Cosco Shipping Lines Co., Ltd.
• Existing capacities and development potentials of the Port of Bar – Deda Đelović, Port of Bar
• Montecargo – part of a unique concept of railway transport in the Western Balkans – Vladimir Božović, Montecargo
• Current issues in the work of the SCC Port Group and a review of the development of the container terminal in the Port of Pancevo – Sanja Đurišić, Serbian Port Group
• Intermodal transport in the region – state and perspectives – Sanja Bojić, Faculty of Technical Sciences Novi Sad

The other two mentioned sessions, according to the already established pattern, brought a handful of novelties, so in the Intralogistics session, there was talk about advanced software and hardware solutions for optimizing storage processes, increasing productivity and savings. In the lines below, we present topics and speakers.

• Organizational structures and processes in WMS LXone-Stojan Nikolić, Albatech
• Automated systems in the warehouse – Integration with WMS – Predrag Zakula, Logit
• Implementation of Voice technology in the company Milšped (case study) – Marijo Baburić, Špica
• Slimstock optimization = survival and competitive advantage – Adi Karamehmedović, Slimstock
• VLM strategies for increasing productivity in logistics centers – Tomislav Ivković, Omni-Pro
• Pallet Shuttle – semi-automated, highly productive, storage solution – Liviu Manea, Dexion Storage Solutions
• Design and optimization of storage processes – challenges and mistakes – Bojan Ćuk, Beologistika
• How to save by investing? – Dušan Mašić, Hörmann Serbia

Road transport, as the most massive mode of transport, always attracts a lot of attention. This was also the case at this year’s conference, so more seats were requested within this session. In addition to the lecturers who presented software for improving road transport, greater savings and environmental protection, services based on road transport and for the first time the topic was the liquidity of transport companies, which was enthusiastic about the audience – since they face this problem, almost , all of. Topics of lectures and speakers, see the rows below.

• Designing a territory for commercialists and routes for delivery of goods using route optimization tools – examples of good practice – Miloš Vojinović, Mobile Solutions
• More efficient transport management to lower costs and less environmental pollution – Milan Ora, Lognet
• Integrated systems in logistics – an example from practice – Aleksandar Jovanović, Cycle
• RouteHorizon – Transport Management System – Nebojsa Gvozdenovic, Infora
• Logistics of the future – electric vehicles – Igor Životić, DTS
• Home Delivery in Serbia – Ivica Dumanović, Gebrüder Weiss
• Trade and logistics vision “MIRAX AGRAR” – New project “Trade & Logistics Filed” – Slobodan Acimovic, Mirax Agrar
• Liquidity of transport companies and other challenges in the logistics industry – Nikola Todorović, Invoitix

The organization of B2B meetings was also of great interest to the participants, so this year, before the conference day, over 100 of them were contracted, and those who were late with the application met with the desired companies with the help of the event organizers. After all the lectures, with a tour of the presented logistics solutions and wonderful socializing, this conference day ended with lunch. If you missed this year’s conference, take a look at the gallery of photos and presentations of the lectures, with the advice – don’t miss the next one.