Supply chain consulting

In every supply chain, there are opportunities to discover reserves and make big savings. In times of economic challenges, reducing costs while increasing the quality of products and services is a condition for the company’s survival in the market.

We offer projects to streamline operations, automate processes, increase productivity and quality, and reduce costs in your supply chain, from procurement and production, through logistics and transportation, to distribution.


Simulation of logistics systems

The possibility of making mistakes when designing and analyzing the system only with “common sense” is very high, which is proven every day in our economy. The simulation is very helpful – it examines the behavior of the system before money is spent on it and corrects the errors of existing systems. In addition to animation, the simulation provides accurate, statistically valid data on the behavior of distribution and production systems.

Simulation software is very expensive and that is the biggest reason why it is very rarely used in our country. However, now the service of making and analyzing simulation models of storage, distribution, production and service systems is available to everyone on our market.

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