The Logistics & Transport magazine is the expert’s voice for the West Balkans logistics and supply chain management industry. Printed in Serbian and launched in April 2006, this publication serves a rapidly expanding marketplace with faster growing information needs now more than ever.

Logistics & Transport magazine is an authoritative educational publication and informs logistics professionals about:
• best practices
• latest news
• trends
• analyzes
• new technologies
Logistics & Transport Magazine reaches more logistics professionals in Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia, Bosnia, Montenegro
and Slovenia, than any other publication in the field, since April 2006, when the first issue was printed.
Logistics & Transport goes bimonthly sponsored by Serbian Logistic Association.

WHY Logistics & Transport?

As logistics is no longer a silent partner in the economic progress of the nation, improving the integration between customers and suppliers has a major impact on the bottom line of economic progress.

“The effective implementation of logistic strategies is no longer a luxury, it is an absolute condition for business survival.”

Logistics managers and experts will be fundamental figures in the range of activities related to supply chain organization of:
• Supply chain management
• Supply chain technologies
• Logistic services
• Intermodal transportation
• Railway / road / air / sea transportation
• Storage and distribution
• Services for accomplishing import and export
• Material handling
• RFID and tracking systems

“In the years to come, massive investments are expected on all aspects of logistics – from transportation and storage, to technology.”

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