Ivan Milićević

Head of Logistics Service Provider division - Nelt Group
  • Responsible for development of LSP business ( customers and services) at Western Balkan market ( Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and Montenegro). Key responsibilities:
  • Participates in budgeting, annual plans and logistics strategy of Nelt Group from the perspective of business development
  • Implement logistic strategy
  • Identify, prepare a business plan and realize opportunities for business expansion: new partners, markets, services and potential M & A targets
  • Conducts processes of planning and realization of new business activities, including M & A processes, and coordinates the support of other business functions
  • It is responsible for business operations and has PMM responsibility
  • Build relationships with potential partners and coordinate activities with commercial models in order to maximize their potential


Ports & Terminals
November 2, 2021
11:00 am

2 November
Time:  11:00 am - 12:00 am
Speaker:  Ivan Milićević